New group member

We welcome Federica Serlini, an ERASMUS student from the University of Padua, Italy, to the group. Federica will be modelling and simulating beta-lactamases, antibiotics, and inhibitors during her 6-month research internship with us. More information about Federica’s project can be found on the People page.

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New group members

We welcome Alexandros Zantis and Marco Halbeisen to the group. Both are students at the MSc in Chemistry program at Uppsala University, and will work on modelling beta-lactamases using computational methods. More information about their projects is found in the “People” page.

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Congratulations to Isabell

For successfully defending her degree project today! Isabell’s thesis is about the Class A beta-lactamase IMI-1. She has simulated the enzyme with and without antibiotics to understand the dynamics and binding mechanisms. Well done drawing the audience in and keeping them engaged throughout the presentation! A link to Isabell’s thesis can be found in the

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New members

Welcome to our three new group members, Alexander Lidén, Isabell Lindahl, and Linda Liljeholm! They are final year Masters degree students in Chemical Engineering at Uppsala University, finishing their program with a computational degree project in our lab. More information about them and their projects will soon be available in the People page.

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New position

I’ve started my position as a Researcher at the Department of Chemistry – BMC funded by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation. I will be working in the fields of computational enzymology and protein engineering. However, my main project is methods development of a purely computational approach to accurately estimating electric fields in biomolecules. The

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